Oh nooo

I finally did it. I finally found the ultimate rage-inducing tag. #other girls

I mean holy shit this is literally the worst, I have never met one of these mythical “normal” girls all the “other” girls are comparing themselves to wtf

Do these girls think they’re being feminist or groundbreaking or something by creating some freakish straw(wo)man and then patting themselves on the back for not conforming with it? Reinforcing old stereotypes by saying “oh, all those girls only think of makeup and clothes and boys, but I’m better than like that!” isn’t helping anyone

(And it’s also creating this huge artificial dichotomy and saying that you can’t like both but that’s neither here nor there)

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    Agreeing on the either one or the other thing. We can be both. With that being said, it I do know examples of “the other...
  3. roseasromeo said: Normal doesn’t really exist. We just pretend it does. Most (all?) aspects exist on a spectrum and everyone is vaguely somewhere between extremes or off the line altogether…
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